Timeout At Shannon's Man Laws


37. No man should "POKE" another man on Facebook… ever.
36. A man should never ask another man to go to the bathroom with him.
35. A dog must be at least 1/3 the size of the man walking it.
34. Men must have pockets on the back of their pants.
33. No crying in the barber shop.
32. A man should always open the door for a lady.
31. Guys please stop looking at your guy's woman.
30. Never call your guy's woman looking for him EVER.
29. Like who Like you.
28. If it's snowing, Brothers please SHOVEL your women's walk way.
27. No guy should know more about reality shows than his woman.
26. NEVER!! let your woman PUMP her own gas if in the same car.
25. This YEAR. Raise the BAR.
24. Tell your PUNK friend to MAN up.
23. Don't TELL your woman ALL the Man Laws.
22. Show Better, they'll KNOW Better.
21. No man's shirt should Never ever be longer than his shorts.
20. If you wear a suit, shine your shoes!!
19. A group of guys should never go to the movies to see a Love story together.
18. No guy should EVER!! WEAR SKINNY JEANS shagging. All that’s to say is WOWWWW.
17. X-tra Medium is not a man size.
16. If you start w/ the trump balcony then end w/ the trump balcony not the holiday inn.
15. Man is made in the image and glory of GOD.
14. When a man sends a text to another man. He should NEVER under any circumstances respond with a smiley face!
13. Under no circumstances should any man end a text with K… it’s okay.
12. Communication is a face-to-face experience. Anything else is noise. Words are life. Use them effectively.
11. Every woman is someone’s Queen.
10. When in a public restroom, NEVER compliment another man on his pants or his back pockets.
9. When a brother is giving good relationship advice always listen.
8. You can’t go broke when giving. Proverbs 19:17
7. Learn to control circumstances, instead of allowing them to control you.
6. When the word is absent, faith is absent.
5. When you come under the pressures of life, that which is abundantly in your heart is going to come out.
4. People that think wrong believe wrong, and when they believe wrong they act wrong.
3. Under no circumstances should a man EVER!!! Wear a Net-Tank Top. I don’t care how hot it gets.
2. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. Matthew 12:34
1. God will perfect that which concerneth me.