Our Story

For Chicago barber and stylist, Shannon Jones, the job of a barber doesn't end with a haircut. Instead, Shannon has dedicated his life to a career that embodies the culture and social importance of the barbershop and its role as a vital institution.

On February 24, 1998, the first Timeout at Shannon’s opened its doors. Initially amazed at the scope and nuance of Shannon’s vision, visitors have since become accustomed to the high level of service and care Timeout at Shannon’s has offered for the past decade. Timeout at Shannon’s has been featured in such media as Men’s HealthSlamHoopSophisticate’s Black HairComplete WomenDimeSalon Sense, and was a feature story on Chicago’s Channel 7 ABC Nightly News. In 2002 New City magazine voted Timeout at Shannon’s the city’s hottest barbershop, and that same year saw a front-page story on Shannon and Timeout at Shannon’s printed nationwide in the venerable Wall Street Journal.

Shannon Jones, Founder & CEO


Born and raised on Chicago’s West Side in the infamous K-Town neighborhood, Shannon Jones began his career in his childhood home, fashioning an authentic barber salon in the family’s basement that would become the barbershop of choice for an extensive clientele. It was in that basement that Shannon first planted the seeds that would grow into the fruit of Timeout, honing his barbering skills while forming a unique vision.

After several years in his West Side basement Shannon enrolled at Chicago’s prestigious Pivot Point International where his tremendous talent was quickly noticed. After graduating among the top of his class, Shannon went on to be mentored by Arthur Johnson, owner and operator of Ajes Salon and one of the Windy City’s most respected and well known stylists. Over the course of the next decade Shannon would not only learn the detailed art of high-end barbering and styling plus the day-to-day business of salon ownership, he would also position himself as one of the city’s premiere barbers, attracting an enormous and diverse clientele that included celebrities, professional athletes, and some of Chicago’s most notable business and community figures. It was during this time that Shannon began to cultivate the vision he had first created in K-Town, carefully putting the necessary pieces into place to design an unparalleled barbershop and salon.

Since the beginning of his career Shannon has not only established himself as a master barber and stylist, he has also given his industry a look at the future of barber and hair salons, creating in Timeout an oasis of style, a touchstone of culture, and a meeting place for those who wish to engage in the art of successful living.